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SUPER ATV Performance Flywheel FOR Yamaha YXZ 1000


Yamaha YXZ Performance Flywheel 

Why We Make It 
Don't let the Yamaha YXZ clutch get you down. SuperATV's performance inspired flywheels are designed to give you drastic improvements over your stock YXZ. Manufactured from solid 4140 billet steel, SuperATV's YXZ Flywheel will dramatically improve the clutch engagement and handling of your machine. Whether you need improved control on low speed take offs or want a zippier high gear for higher speed riding, SuperATV has an option to fit your needs. 

Heavier Flywheel 
The heavier flywheel is designed for the rider who wants improved handling and control in lower RPM situations. Angled takeoffs, hillside takeoffs, technical rock crawling, trail riding, or any type of crawling will be ideal for the heavier flywheel With increased low speed drive-ability, you'll see a whole new side of your YXZ. 


Yamaha YXZ : 2015+


  • Best suited for:
    • Trail riding
    • Hillside takeoffs
    • Lower RPM riding
  • Increased low speed drive-ability
  • Improved torque
  • Easier take offs on hills or flat ground
  • CNC 4140 Billet Steel
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