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Skat Trak Extreme Paddle Tire 30x13-14 (PAIR)

Designed around one of Skat Trak’s most famous tires, the Skat Trak Extreme Paddle Tire 30x13-14 has been created to support the larger, heavier, and higher horse powered machines that hit the sand. The Extreme sports a thicker design to provide a more sure footed grip while riding. Skat Trak extreme paddle tires also come with an optional Kevlar® fiber mesh for even more rigidity and durability over the life of your tire. Find everything you need for your ride with Side by Side UTV Parts. 

Product Details:

  • ATV Sand Traction Specialized
  • Thicker, larger tire design
  • Maximizes your ride’s performance power
  • Grips larger areas of sand
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