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Sand Tires Unlimited Razor Blaster Tire 28-14 (PAIR)

Sand Tires Unlimited Razor Blaster Tire 28-14 (PAIR)

SAND TIRES UNLIMITED focused on a pretty much ignored idea, Front Tires. Front tires for sand vehicles were just an after thought. Sand is to ATV's as air is to a plane and water to a boat. It all works the same. So, create a bigger tire and more footprint and you get more flotation. Sand moves away when you push off it and it moves around when you apply pressure to it. So, it follows that a front sand tire should turn through an unstable medium, like sand, just as rudders do on planes and boats. We gave this tire biased rudders. This biased rudder sand tire can be run forward or backward for more or less positive steering control. 


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