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Up your horsepower with a set of our cam shafts. Our stage 2 cams offer great driveability along with easy install. These cams work great on non turbo as well as turbo cars. On a completely stock YXZ 1000 stock exhaust and all we saw a 12 wheel horsepower gain. On a turbo low boost turbo kit we are seeing a 15hp gain at the same boost level. 

Stage 2 cams: For non turbo and turbo 
-12+ hp increase to the wheels or 15+ to the flywheel. 
-10 lbft increase to the wheels.
-Big gains at 6500-redline.
-Stock like driveability.
-No loss in low end power.
-No valve adjustment required.
-Uses stock valve springs.
-Direct bolt in.
-Great mod for stock to built turbo cars.
-Requires tuning. Recommended our ecu flash.
**See dyno chart above. 



About power gains: All gains are at the rear wheel. Flywheel hp will be 20-30% more.
-Stage 2 cams: The dyno chart on this listing shows our stage 2 cams vs a completely stock car. Stock exhaust and all. The more you have done to your car the more power these will gain. With a exhaust these cams to make even more power. At about 6000rpm you start gaining power. Peak to peak you will see a 10+hp increase. You will see peak gains of about 12hp. Again this is on a completely stock unit. With exhaust your gains will be greater. On a turbo car expect 15hp on a low boost (5-7 psi) turbo setup. We have seen a 24hp gain at 20 pounds of boost vs the stock cams. On a turbo car you may require tuning. 

Ecu tuning: (stage 2 only)
-To use these cams your ecu needs big fuel changes from bottom to top. We recommend using our ecu flash as it is tuned perfectly to these cams in a non turbo car. If you already have purchased our ecu flash we charge $100 to update you to our camshaft flash. If you do not do our ecu flash you will need to tune your vehicle on your own. If your car is turbo you will need to tune these as we do not have a turbo tune that works with every ones turbo kit. There are way too many variations.
Ecu pricing:
-If your ecu has never been flashed $299.
-If you have already purchased Alba racing re-flash $99.
-If you have a competitors re-flash $199.

Our cam shafts do not come with instructions. For this we recommend a factory service manual. It is very detailed. These do take some mechanical knowledge to install. If you are not comfortable installing cams we recommend taking it to your local repair shop. If these are installed incorrectly a lot of bad things can happen like valves hitting pistons.

Installation Specs:
Intake- (0.0059-0.0087)
Exhaust- (0.0083-0.0106)
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