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Looking to replace your weak OEM drive shaft spline coupler that is known to fail and leave you stranded? We have a solution for you! Our HD spline couplers are Cryo Heat Treated and REM polished. Over 200% stronger than stock with less friction! 

Fitment: Fits all models and years YXZ 1000 including SS.

-Tool steel Cryo Heat treated and rem polished coupler.
** Circlips.
** HD drive shaft sealed boot with clamps and synthetic hi temp hi pressure grease



About the coupler:
Our coupler is a Tool steel Cryo Heat treated and REM polished. This gives it huge strength and greatly reduced friction. 
-Cryo Heat Treated tool steel. (This it as tough as it gets)
-REM Polished for substantially reduced friction.
-Precision cut spline with no sharp or uneven edges.

About our Heavy duty boot:
Your stock OEM boot is simply poor quality and design. The boot is not sealed from the factory allowing the grease to escape and moisture to enter. This allows the parts to rust and the lack of lube creates friction. Make sure to check yours. We offer stock OEM ones as well as our upgraded sealed unit. We have a custom fit sealed silicone sleeve that replaces the stock boot that includes stainless clamps. 

About Circlips:
The coupler has circlips in front and behind it that secure it in place and allow it a little movement to slide back and forth. We have seen many of the circlips break causing more issues allowing the coupler too much movement. For this reason we offer HD circlips that have been Cryo heat treated for extra protection. We also offer OEM replacements. 

About grease:
2.82oz packet of Hi temp 500deg, Hi pressure synthetic grease. The packet gives you way more than you need for future use.

**When installing make sure to grease all splines inside and out with wheel bearing type grease. We prefer to use high pressure bearing grease.
**Make sure to check the rubber boot for cracks and wear. It is cheap we recommend replacing it with our sealed boot.
**Make sure to check your circlips. If there broken or rusted we recommend replacing them.
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