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fter countless tests with different velocity stack lengths, diameters, plenum volume, and shape we are happy to introduce our NEW Billet Airbox Spacer! the factory airbox actually works extremely well, and is very hard to improve upon without sacrificing power in the lower RPM areas. With our new spacer you get the benefits of a larger plenum volume with the torque and low end HP of the stock velocity stacks! This is by far the best all around intake mod you can do. It is simple to install and still uses both factory air filters for the best filtration in any terrain. Don't spend $900+ on an airbox that sacrifices filtration for HP!!!

-Machined from a huge chunk of 6061 billet aluminum or high strength plastic.
-Increase hp by up to 10hp where you need it most. 
-20 minute install.
-Works great with stock and modified vehicles.
-Available finish in polished aluminum or black,red,or blue plastic.

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