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Replace the weak link in your rear differential before failure occurs! We have found that the factory rear diff cover that houses the pinion bearing is weak and will break around the bearing. We take several steps here to address the problem. First the material we machine this from a solid chunk of Billet Aluminum which is much stronger than the factory cast part. We have also eliminated the o-ring groove where these tend to break and made the flange thicker. Next we taper our edges as close as we can get them to the bearing surface and leave just enough clearance for the driveshaft coupler. This creates the ultimate package! Don't wait until failure occurs and you risk destroying your rear differential. We also include a specialty tool to service your diff (change the bearing). Yamaha charges $140 for there differential tool alone.

-Solid billet aluminum CNC construction.
-Fixes the weak links in the factory unit. (Read description above for info)
-Owner serviceable. You do not need to send it back to us to change the bearing like others.

-Billet differential bearing support.
-New OEM bearing. (OEM is a Japanese Koyo bearing. Best there is)
-New OEM oil seal.
-Specialty differential tool to easily service your differential. 

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